Let the Romance of Autumn and Tanzanite Inspire You


When the fall season arrives, it does so with pizazz. Leaves change color as the cool weather ushers in evenings filled with warm fireplaces and plenty of opportunities to snuggle with a loved one under a blanket. Why not make these snuggling moments a daily option by proposing with a tanzanite engagement ring? Not only will a tanzanite ring ensure that your loved one has a quality jewelry piece on her finger, but it will also display your love for each other.

Rarity and Beauty in One Stone

With a tanzanite engagement ring, you can break with tradition while still giving the person that you love the one special gift that tells her you want to spend the rest of your life with her. When it comes to lifelong accessories, timelessness is vital, and tanzanite embodies this element.


Tanzanite engagement rings are a highly treasured and sought after jewelry choice for today’s couples. This stunning gemstone is only mined in Tanzania. In fact, the stone received its name for this reason. Tanzanite stones are rare than diamonds, and they are one of the most precious gemstones that’s available today. If it’s your intention to delight the one that you love with a jewelry piece that’s opulent and refined, then consider doing so with tanzanite.

A Hue that She’ll Love

Tanzanite’s color is often described as a velvety blue hue that walks the line between royal blue and deep violet. According to legend, a magical fire came from the sky and transformed pebbles into the brilliant blue stones. Because of this, many believe that the gemstones have supernatural powers that bring the wearer good luck. Of all the precious gems in the world, tanzanite is the most transparent. Gemologists refer to this as being “eye-clean.” If minor inclusions are present within the stone, then they aren’t visible to the naked eye. The flawlessness of the gem makes it an especially valuable stone.


As you examine a tanzanite stone, don’t be surprised if you spot dark blue, reddish-purple and green-yellow coloring. One of the most sought after tanzanite hues is deep blue that has shades of dark purple around the edges. When you’re shopping for the stone, be sure to work with a reputable jeweler to ensure that you’re buying conflict-free gemstones as well as genuine ones.

An Intriguing Past

The Masai tribesmen, who are from Tanzania’s Meralani Hills, discovered tanzanite by accident. The gem was introduced to the world in 1967. Today, people seek the stone as vigorously as they do other precious gemstones including rubies, emeralds and diamonds. The stone has a wide market, one that includes people who are willing to spend millions of dollars to own the highest quality tanzanite.

In 2003, the American Gem Trade Association made tanzanite December’s birthstone. It was the first gemstone added to the association’s list in almost 100 years. Tanzanite is growing in popularity because it’s only found in Tanzania, and the mines have just enough deposits left for one generation. According to the world’s gemstone experts, the tanzanite mines will be exhausted in a few decades.

Wedding Rings that Know How to Shimmer and Shine

When it comes to tanzanite wedding rings, jewelers often enhance these pieces by adding diamonds to the settings. Together, the two stones complement each other. The diamonds also add an extra twinkle to wedding jewelry. Because tanzanite is still a relatively new stone in the jewelry industry, it is a more affordable option than other precious gems. Despite this, tanzanite retains its gemstone quality.


The Best Shapes for Tanzanite Stones

Like other precious stones, tanzanite can be formed into different cuts, but there are a few shapes that show the stone’s best side. This includes the oval cut. Oval cut tanzanite stones are ideal for halo-designed engagement rings. The oval cut is a popular one that’s been around for centuries. It makes fingers appear longer, so if your loved one’s digits are on the short side, then this is a good choice. Consider the cut option for simple settings featuring diamonds.


The cushion cut is another flattering formation for tanzanite stones. This cut gained fame during the 19th century, and it’s making a comeback. The cushion cut shape is between a rectangle and an oval since it’s a square cut that has rounded corners. Jewelers have updated it to feature a more oval shape than the cushion cut stones of yesterday. In addition, a modern-day cushion cut tanzanite could have as many as 64 facets, which is the flat face on the stone that allows the gem to capture light.


When it comes to tanzanite engagement rings, you’re likely to see a number of them in a halo setting. This setting offers a few advantages. For instance, the center stone of a halo setting will appear larger, so you can stay within your ring budget while still giving your loved one a jewelry piece that has the look of a larger stone. The halo styling also provides additional protection.

How to Take Care of Tanzanite Jewelry

To clean tanzanite, just use warm soapy water and a soft brush. Tanzanite jewelry will retain its shimmery appearance if it’s stored separately from other jewelry. This step prevents the kind of damage that can happen when different jewelry pieces come into contact with each other. Due to the rarity of the stone, it’s a good idea to insure your tanzanite.


Today and Tomorrow

Engagement rings featuring tanzanite are exotic, thrilling and extravagant. By selecting a ring made from it for your loved one, you’ll give her a timeless piece that is sure to pass from generation to generation. Let the romance of the autumn season inspire you to ask a question that will change your life.

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