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The Marriage Of Engagement And Wedding Rings

Two people, joined together as one; marriage is a symbol of unity and commitment. But that symbol has symbols of its own in the forms of engagement ring and wedding ring. And those both have rules and procedures that have withstood the test of time.


You can’t have the procedures of wedding band rules without first having engagement ring rules. Briefly, the tradition from long ago was that in exchange for getting her father’s approval for marriage, a man would give his lady a ring. Symbolizing exchange of ownership; if put forth today would probably be a no sell condition, but the tradition of offering a ring to your lady fair for hand in marriage has survived.

And on what hand do you wear an engagement ring? It would temporarily be placed on the left hand, fourth finger.Tradition then holds that just before the wedding ceremony, the bride lovingly slides the engagement ring off from her left hand and onto her right hand. Same finger. This is done so that during the wedding ceremony, when the wedding band is placed on her left hand, it is closest to her heart, as is the man she is marrying. That is how you wear a wedding ring.

After the ceremony, in many cultures the bride then returns the engagement ring to the left hand, placed “on top” of the wedding ring, as further sign of continuation and commitment.Depending on the researcher, the story of why you wear the wedding ring (and for that matter, engagement ring) on the left hand traces back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, where it was believed that the vein in the fourth finger on the left hand was somehow a direct vein, a direct pathway to the heart. Thus the vein was anointed “vena amoris” or vein of love and to solidify a union based on love, an affair of the heart, it was only logical to place a ring on that fourth finger.


Everything has a meaning, including the shape of the wedding symbol being that of a ring; in fact to add more layers to this tradition of rings, history indicates that it was the Egyptians that first used the circle, a shape with no beginning or end, as a symbol of eternity. Then the Romans began the wearing of a ring as a public pledge to honor the marriage contract And the hole through the ring is said to represent a doorway to your lives in the days, months and years to come. In essence, the offer of a ring delivers a never-ending commitment “to love and to cherish; from this day forward”

While the earliest rings were made of simple metals, by the time weddings reached medieval years gold rings set with gems were all the rage. And, of course, the gems themselves were symbolic: a blue sapphire reflected the heavens (as in a marriage made in heaven); a red ruby was the color of a true romantic heart; and then there was the rare & indestructible diamond. Now we add the rarer but more affordable tri-color Tanzanite to the mix.

Tanzanite-engagement-ringBut while the tradition of the rings still stands, this is the 21st century and there are two interesting variations on how you wear a wedding ring, and on what hand you wear the engagement ring.

Unlike times gone by, women are out of the home, toiling away at the workplace. Some jobs are very hands on. So much so that a wedding or engagement ring could be damaged. Alternative?Wear it on a necklace. Or on a choker.A diamond might not stand out so well, but Tanzanite, world-renowned for its breathtaking color, intense depth and rarity, would be the perfect gemstone. Find just the right length of attractive chain and you can still show commitment as it hangs close to your heart.


The other alternative is to wear your wedding ring an engagement ring on separate hands.Less traditional than engagement over wedding ring on left hand, but again there are practical reasons that bend tradition. For example, physical. People with shorter fingers are uncomfortable with two rings weighing down one finger. Financial, in that you weren’t able to purchase both in advance so as to make them a matching set; if they just don’t go together well, then it doesn’t matter which ring is on top. And thirdly, financial. You were able to get two really fantastic rings and you want to show them off equally and separately.


There are over two million marriages in the USA alone every year. That equates to a lot of people following engagement ring and wedding band rules. Will you be one of them? Or will you bend the rules? Whatever your decision, Tanzanite.com has a diverse selection of gemstones and rings to accommodate you..

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