Tanzanite wedding Ring

Select perfect tanzanite wedding jewelry shape according to your face

Bogged down by the endless list of things to plan for your wedding? No time to give too much thought to wedding jewelry? Here are a few super easy tips to follow so that your tanzanite wedding jewelry looks just right on your face and structure. If you’ve already picked out the perfect oval tanzanite wedding ring, then all you need to do is match the rest!

Tanzanite wedding Ring

The cut and shape of your face as well as your features being angular or soft have a significant impact on your overall look, and though every woman doesn’t necessarily have a face cut that calls for very particular care, even the slightest alterations in the shape and style of jewelry could highlight your features and bring out your eyes beautifully.

There are such a variety of facial features that you must start by first finding your own face cut – the shape of your face contour when your hair is pulled back.

A round face is one that is equidistant with the nose as the center point.

Oval faces are longer than wide, and oblong faces are elongated ovals.

Tanzanite wedding Ring

If your face is wide at the forehead, eyes and cheek with a narrowing chin, its heart shaped.

The face cuts mentioned above have rounded, soft features, while the ones below have angular ones usually.

A diamond face cut is widest at the cheeks, a square is equidistant with straight edges and a triangle is a straight edges heart.

It is natural that every face type does not fall into these cuts exactly, but an approximation is all you need.

A face with soft features, curved gentle cheek bones and shallow set eyes is best suited with complementary jewelry cuts – round or oval cut tanzanite earrings, oval shaped tanzanite wedding ring etc. If you want to steer a little further off and bridge the gap between the angular and soft, you could go for cushion cut tanzanite.

Tanzanite Ring

On the other hand a face with angular features – squares and triangles – should stick to straight angle cuts like the princess, square, emerald and trillion.

Faces that are heart shaped, inverted triangle or diamond usually go best with long earrings. If you are going for studs, oval tanzanite will be both beautiful and subtly lengthy, not to mention work well with an oval cut tanzanite ring. The sharp edged chin of these face types will work best with a contrasting choker.

Faces that are round, square or triangular call for the same elongation as above, but in both earrings and long deep neckline necklaces.

Rectangular and oblong faces – usually those with more length and width – work best with cuts that shorten them, rounded studs or short danglers with sufficient breadth. Chokers work best in order to break the verticality.

While earrings and necklaces are directly affected by the face cut of the bride, her wedding ring plays a role in the overall look. If you happen to have a round or square face which will look best with gorgeous oval tanzanite studs with a diamond halo, then you know for sure that an oval shaped.

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