Tanzanite Wedding Rings Designs

Trending Tanzanite Wedding Rings Designs

The tanzanite rings are known for their gemstones which are very rare and contain a breathtakingly beautiful color, not to mention an intense depth. “Tanzanite is rarer than diamond, but the unusual thing is that it is very affordable. If you are getting such an exquisite piece of tanzanite jewelry as your wedding ring, it is only proper that you get the best tanzanite wedding rings and from a reputable dealer such as Toptanzanite.

Tanzanite Ring

Toptanzanite is famous for their natural tanzanite wedding rings of the highest quality, bellied by their intense royal blue color which radiates nothing short of perfect elegance. Since they also offer personalized tanzanite wedding rings, their inspiring ideas are endless.

The blue aura of tanzanite when blends with sparkling diamond caters a perfect look to the spectators

Some of the tanzanite wedding ring ideas from them are as follows:-

Tanzanite Wedding Rings Designs

                                                    tanzanite and diamond engagement rings white gold

The Braided Halo Design: – This is one unique and artistic wedding ring. As its name suggests, it indeed has a braided look that surrounds the precious stone. The braided part is, of course, the metal that holds the stone in place on the ring and it is also riddled with some tiny diamonds to accentuate the beauty of the stone. This design will no doubt draw many stares when on your finger.

Braided Halo Design

Princess cut shape Braided Halo Design – 0.60 Carat Princess Tanzanite Ring in 14k White Gold is a showstopper to capture all the hearts.

The Oval Faceted Design: – You can never go wrong with this design because it is unique and stands out on its own. It is one carat, and as the name suggests, the tanzanite stone is oval-shaped and stands on a well polished beautiful metal which can either be platinum, gold or palladium.

Oval Faceted Design

This Oval Faceted Design ring can serve the perfect choice to the ladies who prefer the dazzling look. A 1.550 carat oval tanzanite enclosed with almost 56 diamonds of 0.260 carats renders it an extremely trendy look. Fixed on 14k white gold, the ring can be paired with stunning evening dresses to accentuate its appearance.

The Pear Shaped Design: – This is another one of those designs that will give you status. The tanzanite ring looks majestic in its pear-shaped design surrounded by a real metal that hosts tiny diamonds. For those who love simplicity and elegance at the same time, this is the ring design that should get your attention.

Pear Shaped Design

This is an Excellent Pear Shaped Design looks more luxurious. The pear-shaped tanzanite of around 0.550 carats, when enclosed with 20 small round diamonds of 0.090 carats, sounds incredibly opulent.

There are more plans to consider, and if you have ideas of your own, you simply can have your tanzanite wedding rings custom made according to your taste by Toptanzanite.

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