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History Of Tanzanite Price


tanzanite stoneHistory of Tanzanite:

Tanzanite jewelry has markedits territory in the jewel market of today, and their rapidly increasing popularity assures that is makes in appearance is every red carpet event. First found in Tanzania in 1967, a tanzanites color and rarity has made it a part of every category of jewelry; rings, necklaces, pendants, studs – you name it!

What is the history of tanzanite pricing in the world? Well, in a nutshell the tanzanite prices have seen both soaring highs and sweeping lows, mostly due to issues in the consistency of mining, sales and distribution. Besides that, the steadily increasing prices are mostly because of the gem’s rarity and the rapidly depleting mines which are only making it scarcer.

After its discovery in 1967, Tiffany and Co. of New York monopolized its mining and distribution, and at this time the tanzanite price graph was starting at a mere $200 per carat. Of course soon enough this blue gem grew in popularity and was second on the colored gem popularity scale right after sapphire. This, combined with it being added to the birthstone list gave a boost to its prices; from $200 it went straight to $400 to $550 for a 3-5 carat stone. Certain stones which were flawless and very high grade could also be $700 per carat!

tanzanite pendant

tanzanite pendant

Fortunately you can always get a reasonable tanzanite for about $600 (thanks to internet prices, distribution and trade shows), but if you want a perfect stone or are looking to invest in a flawless tanzanite gem then it could even be a $1000 per carat.

Tanzanite prices aren’t only about the rarity and value of the stone. Every step that it goes through from the moment it is mined to when you wear it set on a ring has a role to play.

Due it being only 6.5-7 on the Moh scale of hardness, mining rough tanzanite gemstones isn’t easy as they chip or crack easily. This same lack of hardness causes issues in faceting and shaping the stone. Most often tanzanite is faceted once in Tanzania and then re-faceted in Thailand.

Prices may have had their high and lows, but it is safe to say that by studying trade shows and internet jewelry market prices the projected price for the third and fourth quarter of 2014 is stable, making it the best time to buy.

As time has passed, techniques have been developed to standardize calibrated faceting techniques, mining and even distribution so the only real factor that is causing the soaring high prices is its increasing rarity. It has been concluded that only a decade or so of mining capacity if left for the Tanzanian tanzanite mines.

Tanzanite ring

tanzanite ring

Now is the time to buy that gorgeous diamond tanzanite ring you’ve always wanted or invest in loose tanzanite gems – be it for good fortune or pure security purposes. There is a good chance that prices of tanzanite will only continue to increase in the future so it’s sure to appreciate in value in the future!