Non traditional Engagement Rings

The Latest Trends of Engagement Ring among Celebrity

Wedding rings and tying the knot are of undoubtable significance, but the first step is still the proposal. Be it the traditional on-your-knees to pop the question or an over the top jet with a flying banner that asks instead, the ring is what ties it all together. Engagement rings are one of the hardest choices for the man – it has to be just right doesn’t it?

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non traditional engagement rings

The ring has to sweep her off her feet and still be just the perfect fit for her personality – it isn’t easy, we know. So here are the latest trends in engagement rings – that should help you get a glimpse of all that is out there.

Solitaires are old school, but an unbelievable variety in solitaires-with-a-twist have flooded the market.

A solitaire with a decorative band – sculpted with flowers, wreaths or tiny motifs are all the rave for all the hopeless romantics out there.

Olivia Wilde

If you want something less contemporary and would rather go old school then it’s you’re lucky year because vintage is right back! Beautiful platinum, white gold and sterling silver engagement rings with straight cut gems and art deco bands are statement making with an air of royalty.

traditional engagement rings

It’s the year of color, and thank god for that. The clear diamonds are not all there is anymore – sapphire and Tanzanite rings have flooded the engagement ring sections of jewelry stores. Colored gems paired with the latest trend of halo set rings are the perfect combination for something just a little extravagant. If your girl isn’t one for subtlety then go for a large cushion cut blue gem rimmed with diamonds;it is just the right amount of popular and unique!

Non Traditional Engagement Rings

The before mentioned halos are a trend not only with colored gems but with just diamonds as well. It steps up the sparkle and without being too loud and still suits everyone’s wardrobes! If you want to take it even further add a few micro cut diamonds or white sapphires to the band.

Non Traditional Engagement Rings

Unfortunately for all you men out there, bigger is still better. So it may burn a hole through your pockets but if you aren’t sure of what she may like then just get a calibrated diamond set simply on a band of white metal – just make it large!

Custom settings add that extra touch of personalization and sentimentality; paired with an engraving nothing can be more romantic. Now this is a broad category, but the hottest designs are ones with either unique gem shapes or an extra band to make the ring look stacked. If you want something unique but still subtle then go for a different cut in the gem. Less common calibrated cuts include marquise, pear, trillion and square but if you want to go all the way you can always get the gem custom cut.

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Stacked rings are perfect for you if your usual look involves more than one set of rings, necklaces or bracelets. It’s classy and at the same time very new age, not to mention you can add how many every bands you want!

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There’s more out there, but this brings together most of what’s in fashion right now. So ladies, start throwing hints on what you want to wear on the ring finger and gentlemen you better do your research!

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