Tanzanite wedding Ring

The Chase for the Perfect Wedding Ring

The myth of the perfect wedding ring has taken over all other wedding traditions. Every woman wants a ring that is absolutely flawless – one that matches every outfit she’ll ever wear but still stands out in a crowd; one that truly embodies the spirit of marriage and is also stunning in appearance. Of course, as you may have already guessed, that isn’t easy to achieve all at once. So how do you manage to succeed in such a Herculean task? You do a lot of research, plod through rings in every jewel display and online store, and follow your instincts because that is what expresses your true style the best!

Start by setting a budget, it always helps to narrow stuff down and still get exactly what you want.

Next keep in mind that an engagement ring and a wedding ring are not only the expression of your love but also something that you have to keep on everyday day for (hopefully) the rest of your life. Try and match it to your own personal collection of jewel and clothes, and if you aren’t one who usually wears too much sparkle then go for a simple traditional solitaire or eternity band – you cannot go wrong with those.

Kim Kardashion Rings source – http://bit.ly/1o9WZu9

Blake Lively Ring source – http://bit.ly/XzJk5C

Beyonce source – http://bit.ly/1uhM0zu

Eternity rings are the latest in fashion; if it works for Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively then why wouldn’t it work for you! Eternity bands combine the traditional pure circular band which represents ceaseless love and trust with today’s contemporary designs and settings. Stunning gold and platinum bands inset with one, two or three rows of square or emerald cut diamonds are a red carpet favorite; often the diamonds are accompanied by a row of colored gems as well.

Round Tanzanite Ring in 14k White Gold

If you’re going for an eternity band wedding or engagement ring then go for a half set one, where only the visible part of the ring is set with gems. Not only are these lighter on the wallet but they are also much more comfortable to wear.

There is of course the perfect high carat weight solitaire; it’s as traditional as a ring can get – but if you want something out of the box then multi-stone rings are great too. Don’t go for anything more than five stones – ideally three is neither too much nor too little. There is also the halo set ring; a central stone with a ring of smaller stones (one of the two are usually colored).

14k yellow gold tanzanite ring

Which metal? It’s a wedding ring, it’s a symbol of love and it’s forever so ideal would be to go for either gold or platinum. These metals may be more expensive than others but they are hardy, they hold the gemstone and they don’t tarnish. Plus if you happen to have sensitive skin then sterling silver, white gold and other alloys are out of the question.

Same goes for the gem itself, invest in a high grade stone of your choice – don’t compromise on quality.

Lastly if you’re the kind who is a hopeless romantic then add a splash of sentiment! Get an engraving on the inside of the band – it could even be an inside joke you both share! In the end of it all the wedding ring is for you and your loved one, so make sure you show it – it’s always the thought that counts!


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