Non traditional Engagement Rings

The Latest Trends of Engagement Ring among Celebrity

Wedding rings and tying the knot are of undoubtable significance, but the first step is still the proposal. Be it the traditional on-your-knees to pop the question or an over the top jet with a flying banner that asks instead, the ring is what…
Tanzanite wedding Ring

The Chase for the Perfect Wedding Ring

The myth of the perfect wedding ring has taken over all other wedding traditions. Every woman wants a ring that is absolutely flawless – one that matches every outfit she’ll ever wear but still stands out in a crowd; one that truly embodies…

Rihanna forgot to wear a shirt!

She's known for flaunting her curves with her eclectic sense of style. And Rihanna has once again put her amazing figure on display by stepping out in a bra top while on the streets of New York. The 26-year-old flashed her toned tummy…
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan rocks a plunging striped jumpsuit on a night out with BBF Vas J Morgan

Lindsay Lohan and new BFF Vas J Morgan from TOWIE were seen on a night out at the Miabella Club in London. Lindsay Lohan has never really been one for covering up and we've already seen her displaying some incredible side boob in Ibiza…
Green pink Cuff

Dior's New Fine Jewelry Collection is Drop Everything and Look Amazing

Even though nothing in my personal jewelry box requires insuring, I still have a healthy appetite for looking at break-the-bank, so-gorgeous-I-could-cry jewels. And Dior's new fine jewelry collection, named Archi Dior, definitely fits the bill…
Miss usa

Miss America crowns wrong winners, twice

Just days after they were crowned, Miss Florida and Miss Delaware were stripped of their titles. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The gaffes continue in the quest…