Tanzanite Wedding Rings

Tanzanite Wedding Rings
If you are looking at a Tanzanite Wedding Rings at your local jewelry store. The intention is to use it as an wedding ring or engagement ring. You are at right Destination.

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Tanzanite is truly something special in the world of gemstones. Celebrated as the gemstone of the 20th century, this attractive blue-violet stone is named for the only place on Earth where it has yet been found. Since its discovery, it has become highly sought after for the creation of beautiful Tanzanite jewelry.

The client who ordered this piece had a beautiful cushion cut Tanzanite gemstone that she wanted to have remounted into an organic setting. After bringing us the stone, she was able to work with us through our online jewelry design system to make her dream come to life. We set it in a fancy claw setting to give it a maximum of light exposure, and paired it with a ring of white, which doesn’t interfere with the remarkable coloration of the stone. The shank was inspired by an organic diamond ring design from the Tanzanite Wedding Rings website. It is crafted out of 14k white gold and set with three bezel set round brilliant cut white diamonds on either side of the main stone. This shank is fashioned into an appealing, floral pattern which gracefully embraces the side diamonds and draws the eye without taking away from the great beauty of the Tanzanite.

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